What is Cheeky Girls all about?

Cheeky Girls is a small and intimate studio that offers classes, workshops and pole parties to people of all shapes, sizes and fitness levels. At Cheeky Girls, our goal is to provide you with the highest quality instruction, and a safe and encouraging environment that will empower you to discover a confidence you didn't know existed and give you the freedom to enjoy the way your body moves and feels (co-ordination is not a pre-requisite!).

So what can I expect if I join Cheeky Girls?

We're able to bring to each class a wonderful mix of enthusiasm, dedication, creativity and a genuine caring for the individual needs of each and every participant. This total body workout incorporates Pilates, yoga, strength and core training and modern dance will inspire you, empower you and change your life!

Sound good? Sign-up and see for yourself

Pole dancing is a popular alternative workout, as the studio has been successfully operating for over 4 years now, and for good reason. It lets us experience the feeling of being as uninhibited as a child while also being a lot of fun! It has been featured on 20/20, The View and most recently Oprah as well as in numerous women's magazines.

Our students inspire us every class as we inspire them. We are thankful for all who step into the studio and give us an hour of their valuable time. Our students support and encourage each other, and the positive energy exchange that is experienced in each class is like no other. Participants have discovered new muscles, body confidence and a space for them to relax and just 'be' at the end of a busy day.

The choice is yours; your journey can begin right now.

For those interested in an even more intimate experience where you can share these experiences with your partner, couple workshops are available. These workshops are especially empowering experiences as both partners will leave with the sexual power to visually, mentally and physically tease their partner and also have the ability to control their own sexual space!

Thank you for visiting. We hope to see you soon at a Cheeky Class, Couples Workshop or Pole Party!

Cheeky Girls Fitness classes can help you achieve:

  • Increased Self-Confidence & Body Awareness
  • Improved Strength & Flexibility, & Core Strength
  • Longer, Leaner muscles
  • More Energy / Less Fatigue
  • Self-Healing and Balance
  • New Friendships

From Stephanie Turner, Founder

My intention is to reach as many as women as possible and share this wonderful movement with them.  We want to inspire our clients to be the best they can be and realize that there are truly no limits, except the one's we set in our own minds.  Fully letting go and trusting the process is a courageous act and the ultimate of experiences.