How Cheeky Girls Can Serve You

Cheeky Girls offers pole fitness classes, chair and lap dance workshops, and pole parties to women of all shapes, sizes and fitness levels.  At Cheeky Girls, our mission is to provide you with the highest quality instruction in a safe and encouraging environment. 


A Cheeky pole fitness workout is something special and unique from a regular exercise class. Class sizes are 4 – 6 women allowing for more personalized coaching and safer movements.  There are no mirrors used, and students develop a kinship through learning and practicing movements in a supportive and positive environment.


You are welcomed into the studio, and begin to feel a sense of calm and safety. This is your time now. Workouts include breath work, stretching, strength training for the core, upper and lower body – all to prepare for safe and strong pole fitness. Each level has a choreographed routine that incorporates floor moves, pole and wall moves – designed to inspire and excite your inner Cheeky Girl!


The studio and class time are an escape from the everyday, and a retreat into our bodies. It is our time to give back to ourselves and slow down our lives and enjoy being in the moment.


Our mission is to reach as many women as possible in order to share this wonderful movement with them. We inspire our students to be the best they can be and realize that there truly are no limits, except the ones we set in our own minds. Fully letting go can be exciting, freeing, and the ultimate of experiences!


Cheeky Girls empowers your feminine side, while simultaneously increasing your strength and confidence through posture, encouragement and movement.

You will leave feeling energized, glowing, empowered and excited to return! Be kind and treat yourself to this feeling every week.  We are committed to you having an outstanding experience with us.