Stephanie Turner, Founder

Stephanie Turner, Founder & Empowerment Coach

Interested in fitness, dancing, stretching and feeling good by moving your body, and inspired by fitness icons such as Karen Voight, Jane Fonda, and Kathy Kaehler. With her parents bringing a love of music and dance into life, it was a natural fit and progression to coaching and choreographing at Cheeky Girls. As an OFC certified Fitness Leader, she began to teach fitness classes for the City of Toronto, and then became a Certified Personal Trainer through Can-Fit-Pro. After the birth of her beautiful daughter, she started Results Fitness and began to market and teach Mom & Baby and Bootcamp style classes to women in the area. Life is full of surprises, and with the popularity of the classes, Stephanie eventually left her corporate career and opened Cheeky Girls. With a passion for empowering women, seeing the best in others, and creating a safe space where women can explore their sensuality…Cheeky Girls is a huge success!

In addition, Stephanie’s interest is in incorporating Mind, Body and Spirit into the Cheeky Girls pole workout. As a successful Relationship Coach, Hypnotherapist and Reiki Level 1 Practitioner, she is proud to have life coached many women to live the life of their dreams and helped to turnaround the life of a suicidal teenager.

Stephanie is committed to your success and personal growth at Cheeky Girls, and is well versed in the original movement from S-Factor Studio’s in L.A., and highly knowledgeable in modern exercise principles. Committed to her own well-being she stays fit training with top trainer Robbie Craig of Warrior1Training, as well as weight training at the gym, and training to run her 1st half-marathon in September.

“I am proud of everything I have created, and thankful to all of the amazing women who have supported my journey along the way. I am fortunate to have 10 amazing coaches and with their commitment to each students success, it makes Cheeky Girls one fabulously fun place to be.”