What Classes
Cheeky Girls Offers

A pole fitness class at Cheeky Girls is fun and unique. With small classes of women, a connection and sense of safety is created between the clients and coach. Many of our students develop friendships in class that extend outside the studio. Cheeky Girls truly is a community of women celebrating women!

Personal comfort and safety is important, therefore we ask that students participate with bare feet, cream free bodies, and recommend attire that is comfortable fitted fitness wear.

A warm and soothing atmosphere is created within the private studio setting, and clients develop a kinship through learning and practicing movements in a supportive and positive environment.”

  • Connection

    Our intimate lobby and small class size encourages new friendships, and Cheeky Girls is excited to be creating a community of women supporting women.  As a woman, connection with others nourishes our spirit and is necessary for our well-being.

  • Relaxation

    Deep breathing grounds a woman, and is integral to being present and more self-aware.  Stretches that celebrate our feminine curves and ensure proper warm-up of the core, back and legs, as well as releasing the neck, are the foundation of a Cheeky warm-up.  It feels good to move in circular motions, the way a woman’s body is designed to move naturally.

  • Strength

    Unique strength training movements help to build stronger chest, core, back and leg muscles.  Creating increased strength in the body is important for continued success with pole work and in daily activities.

  • Pole Time

    Learning new pole tricks that are layered into sexy, fun and easy to do routines is a specialty at Cheeky Girls.  We plan all the moves to be learned in an empowering sequence that will increase your strength and confidence as you move through the levels.  Swing, Fly, Climb, Flip and Hang…have more fun than you ever thought you could while getting fit!

From Stephanie Turner, Owner

My intention is to reach as many as women as possible and share this wonderful movement with them.  We want to inspire our clients to be the best they can be and realize that there are truly no limits, except the one’s we set in our own minds.  Fully letting go and trusting the process is a courageous act and the ultimate of experiences.

You will leave feeling happier, energized, empowered and excited to return. Our clients comment that it’s the highlight of their week. Treat yourself to this feeling each week and I’m confident that you too will become a fan of Cheeky Girls!