Origin of Cheeky Girls

Cheeky Girls began in August 2004 after the movement was introduced at the annual Can-Fit-Pro conference.  By July 2005, a studio was created in two poles shared between 4 – 5 students.  Excited and intrigued clients mingled in this inviting space and learned more about themselves and others.  Cheeky Girls found it’s current home in October 2005 and accommodates 4 – 6 women per class in order to maintain the intimate nature of the workout, and to ensure more personalized attention.

The Cheeky Girls Experience

  • Cheeky Girls respects the privacy of all individuals and their needs or wants for taking a class.  Our Facebook page offers both a Secret and Public group page, and confidentiality between students and coaches is a policy.
  • We think that the class is truly for your own experience and unless you decide to share it, we understand when you refer to us as your “dance or pilates class”
  • We don’t offer a public recital or performance at the end of a session.  As previously mentioned, this space is special to the students who attend and it is much like a private womens’ club.  Members Only!
  • We provide you with the highest quality instruction, in a safe and non-judgemental environment; to support you in your on-going pursuit of health, fitness and inner sexiness.  We challenge your mind and body to reach new levels of physical and emotional well-being.
  • The classes are small, allowing for more personal attention, which ensures comfort with the movements and helps to develop a feeling of safety between students.  We encourage students to remain with their original class through all of the levels for this particular reason.

Who takes Cheeky Girls classes?

We have fabulous women of all ages, shapes and sizes that take the classes and we say, the more curves the better, whether you create them or have them, we celebrate them!  We have clients as young as 18 through to 65 years.  Adjustments can be made, and the safety of the student is our priority.  Beginner to advanced fitness levels are all successful with the movements, and each move and workout helps to build the strength you want to feel good on the pole.

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