Spicy Chef

The Spicy Chef is a professional service for those in need of help in the kitchen and with their lifestyle.  Or, if you are still making Mac and Cheese from the box and want to spice up your kitchen life!  Al Macrae  is a top graduate of Liaison College for culinary arts – the top ranked chef school in Ontario.  His style is spiced up!  He would love to be a part of your party, and he’ll even plan or theme it with you.  He is also an outstanding DJ, so you know he has the tunes hooked up!  He loves to cook and his energy shows it, and he’ll even bring you some wine!

Physical Effects

Richelle Morgan and Physical Effects offer Durham Region’s only outdoor fitness class.  A workout that’s motivating, supportive, effective and best of all – FUN!

OpusGlow Concept Spa

Come and enjoy the serene and elegant atmosphere of OpusGlow Concept Spa.  Peace of mind as well as beauty will definitely be accomplished during your time there.  One life, OpusGlow.

The Love of Salsa

Salsa is the Spanish word for sauce, indicating a spicy mix.  It is an exciting, sexy and energetic dance.  The Love of Salsa offers a great way to work out and connect with your partner.  “Get ready – Dance!”

Warrior 1 Training

Hold yourself to a higher standard with Warrior1Training!  Robbie Craig is a ccertified and experienced personal trainer specializing in cross fit who really cares about your success.  I have seen the results in myself and others that I have referred to him.  His incredible belief in his clients make him stand out from the crowd.  He does in-house personal training and nutrition for men, women and children.

Tracy Axford

Tracy Axford is a AMP certified Mortgage Agent and will create more wealth in your life and get your money working harder for you!

Kleurvision Inc

Kleurvision Inc. has established the branding momentum for a number of clients, helping these organizations send clear and distinct messages and build a strong foundation of corporate identity, trust and market presence.  Kleurvision Inc. is not only a graphic design firm, but also a well versed strategic problem-solving skills, corporate communications, advertising, promotional services, and marketing strategies. Research, development and implementation tie together their package.

Elite International Products

Distributor of the ever-popular product Dry Hands (liquid chalk)…fantastic for anyone with sweaty hands requiring more grip for Pole Dancing and any other sport such as football, tennis, baseball, and of course weight lifting fanatic.


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