Pole Parties


We like to Party! Cheeky Girls offers you the most fun Girls’ Night Out, Bachelorette, Birthday, Baby Shower, Holiday and Office Team Building Parties!  Whatever the occasion, we have a variety of party packages that will bring out the Cheeky in everyone!

Imagine a room filled with your favourite girlfriends, laughter, and smiles.  Your coach empowers you to feel comfortable enough to bring out your sensual side, while having fun with friends.  Silliness and sensuality combined together, make for memories that stay with you always.  Our Party Coaches have an abundance of great energy that they are excited to share with you!

Pole Fun Party

Spend the most fun hour learning 3 – 4 simple moves that work into a simple and sexy pole routine that can be done to any song.  Awesome photo opportunities and guaranteed giggles combine for a super fun and memorable night.

Bonus: a couple of moves that can be done without a pole!

Cheeky Signature Dance Party

Offered all across the GTA is our most popular party outside the studio, as it can be done anywhere from your living room, basement, dining room, poolside and even on your deck! This party gets everyone on their feet and feeling sexy and flirty, having fun learning a our Signature Cheeky Dance.

We teach 3 sexy fun moves that work into a simple routine, even the shyest of women enjoy learning.  With great photo opportunities, everyone will learn some new moves, and have great memories to take away with them!

A Very Cheeky Lap Dance Party

At Cheeky Girls, lap dances are more for us, then it is for our partner.  It’s about enjoying our own sensuality and bodies, our curves and “starting our engines”.

We teach a complete lap dance on a simple folding card table chair, that can be done anywhere, anytime!  Bring out your inner Cheeky Girl celebrating all that is feminine!

All Cheeky Girls Parties Include: – 1 hour of instruction – lap dance lesson for the guest of honour – a very Cheeky CD of the music we play during the party for each guest.

Cheeky Girls is Fabulously Fun

At Cheeky Girls is about a women supporting women, and cheering each other on to feeling more courageous and comfortable.  Our coaches have a way of creating that comfort, and even the shyest of woman has told us how comfortable they feel.

Without mirrors in the studio, the focus is on how you feel, and gives you this unspoken permission to open up and let go.

It’s a magical place where anything and everything is possible…mostly you feeling really good about you.  We have so much responsibility in our lives that it is nice to let go and enjoy the way our bodies move and the positive energy of your girlfriends.  It is an experience like no other and you will easily become a big fan of Cheeky Girls Parties!